• Used Gallien-Krueger 410SBX (#2)

Used Gallien-Krueger 410SBX (#2)


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Product details

The Bass Shop just got a pair of these 410SBX cabinets. Both are in perfect working condition with some carpet shred, which is to be expected.
  • 400W
  • 4 GK-Paragon 10B100-32 stamped-frame, 10" woofers with high-presence voice coils
  • GK-Paragon 5H50-8 tweeter
  • Switchable biamp/full-range crossover with horn power limiter and L-Pad high-frequency attenuator
  • Speakon connector
  • 1/4" connector
  • Heavily braced cabinet
  • Black carpet covering
  • 16-gauge steel grille
  • Nickel-plated casters
  • Interlocking corners
  • Rear port
  • 1-year warranty on speakers
  • 2-year warranty on electronics

  • Returns

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