• Used SWR Bass 350
  • Used SWR Bass 350

Used SWR Bass 350


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Product details

The Basic 350 was the original name of the Bass 350 when it was first introduced in 1993. The name was changed in 1994 due to a copyright conflict with another amplifier manufacturer. The only difference between the Basic 350 and the Bass 350 is an increase in chassis venting that was implemented about a year into production and occurred simultaneously to the name change.

This Bass 350 has been well taken care of and rarely gigged.

This one, at almost 25 years old, is in excellent cosmetic and electronic condition with only a couple scuffs on the front. It also includes the external fan on-off switch.


  • 350 Watts @ 4 ohm, 450 Watts @ 2 ohm
  • Tube preamp via 12AX7 Tube
  • Aural Enhancer
  • Gain, Bass, Mid Level, Mid Frequency, Treble, Effects Blend, Master Volume
  • Effects Loop
  • Balanced Line Out
  • Line or Direct Level

  • Returns

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