• Kot CH3 6st.
  • Kot CH3 6st.
  • Kot CH3 6st.
  • Kot CH3 6st.
  • Kot CH3 6st.
  • Kot CH3 6st.
  • Kot CH3 6st.

Kot CH3 6st.


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Based out of Portland Oregon, Kot Basses strives to create custom basses that will compliment each individual’s vision of what that “vehicle” should be about. "We’ve worked hard to perfect what we feel are the essential aspects of a great instrument, the elements of sound, response, feel, and playability." This CH3 model is of exceptional build quality and has a highly variable preamp array. Lots of output means tons of headroom. A bit on the heavy side, but nicely balanced.

WEIGHT:  12 lbs. 9 ozs.   


DATE:  2000s 

NUT WIDTH:  2"  

SCALE:  35"

COLOR:  Natural Satin

BODY/NECK/FINGERBOARD:  Ash/ Purpleheart/ Coco Bolo

PICKUPS/ELECTRONICS:  Bartolini Humbuckers/ 36V Bartolini 3-Band EQ w/ Vol., Blend, 3-Band EQ, Additional High Frequency Control, Mid Selector, Coil Selector for Each Pickup

CONDITION:  Excellent

CASE:  Gig Bag

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