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Sadowsky Bass Preamp/DI


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"The first—and still the best—bass preamp since 1990!"

The Sadowsky Outboard Bass Preamp/DI Pedal contains the same famous circuitry built into every Sadowsky bass. Housed in a small footpedal box for use on the floor, it measures just 4.5" x 4.5" x 2.25" and weighs 1.5 pounds. Just plug your bass into the box and then go from the box to your amp, and/or direct to the board.

Controls consist of volume, treble boost and bass boost. The Preamp/DI Pedal is perfect for vintage basses where installation of an onboard preamp would affect the instrument's original condition and resale value. The Preamp/DI pedal is recommended for all passive basses, basses with active pickups, and instruments that have active electronics that can be bypassed. It also works great with all upright bass pickups.


VOLUME:  In most cases the volume control should be set to maximum. If you are using a small amplifier, the use
of the preamp might overload the preamp stage of your amplifier causing some distortion or clipping.
In this case, lower the volume control on the preamp to reduce the gain of the input into your amplifier.
If you plan to toggle between an active setting and bypass, use the volume control to set the desired gain
for the active setting.

TREBLE & BASS:  The treble and bass controls are boost only—flat response is with the controls at their complete
counterclockwise position. Do not automatically go to full treble and bass boost—start from flat response
and then boost treble and bass as desired. Although you are free to adjust the settings anyway that
pleases you, our experience is that once you find the optimal setting for your bass, you will not have to
make frequent adjustments of the tone controls.

ON/OFF SWITCH:  This footswitch enables you to engage or bypass the active tone circuit. The green LED lights when the
preamp section is “on”. The volume/treble/bass controls do not function in the “off ” mode. All other
functions (DI, tuner out, mute) work in the “off ” mode. If you want to switch between on and off with
the same bass, use the volume control to adjust the level for the “on” position. The on/off switch has no
effect on the battery life. The battery is switched on whenever a cord is plugged into the “in” jack.

MUTE SWITCH:  The mute switch will mute the signal of the bass. The MUTE LED lights up when in MUTE mode.

The TUNER OUT:  will remain active in the mute mode.

XLR OUT:  The XLR output enables you to plug directly into a PA or recording console or any other device that
accepts an XLR connection. The output is accurate and quiet for recording and all professional

GROUND LIFT:  If a hum occurs while using the XLR output, engage the ground lift switch. When the switch is set to
the right (under the word, “lift”) the ground is lifted.

LOW BATTERY LED:  The Lo Batt LED will begin to glow when the battery reaches 7.5 volts. We recommend you replace the
9V alkaline battery at this time. To extend battery life, unplug the cord going into the “in” jack as the
battery is draining anytime that jack is activated. This is not necessary on short breaks while gigging, but
do not leave the unit plugged in overnight when not being used.

AC ADAPTER:  An input jack for an AC adapter is located on the right side of the unit. We recommend that you only
use a regulated power supply. We offer an optional regulated AC adapter for $14.95. 

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