• Used Eden EX110
  • Used Eden EX110

Used Eden EX110


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A local player brought this cabinet in for consignment. It's very clean and well taken care of.

To provide punchy, uncolored full range sound, musicians have been turning to the Eden EX110 Bass Cabinet. This portable, light weight 1x10 inch bass cabinet was created for the bassist on the move and with performance space restrictions. This cab matches up well with mid powered amps makes it perfect for practicing at home, praise and worship bands, jazz combos, and studio work. Those that specialize in upright playing will also be grateful for the uncolored amplified tone this cab gives to their bass play.

  • Speaker Size: 1x10 inch full range Eden designed speaker
  • Handle: 1 heavy duty corner carrying handle
  • Power: 300 watts RMS power handling
  • Impedance: 8 ohm
  • Frequency Response: 48 Hz-13kHz

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