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Here it is! The Wonderlove with all the upgrades you've wanted: The Wonderlove Deluxe Envelope Filter.
Four years of relentless testing and tweaking have culminated in this. The Wonderlove is a dynamic envelope filter with a tonal palette limited only by your imagination. It offers total control while remaining easy to use. The Wonderlove takes the basic filter sound of the GR2 and makes it deeper and juicier. It has an expression pedal input for manual, wah-like filter sweeps, and all of the filter controls are accessible externally for easy experimentation. The Wonderlove utilizes soft-touch relay true bypass switching.



Sensitivity, attack, decay, tone, blend, resonance and boost controls.

Range (high/low), sweep (normal/reverse) and band (lowpass/bandpass) switches.

Expression pedal input.

Effects loop.

Soft-touch relay bypass.

New features:

2nd footswitch toggles between envelope and expression pedal control.                                           

All jacks now top-mounted for easier pedalboard mounting. External toggle for true or buffered bypass selection.


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