• Kramer "The Duke" Bass
  • Kramer "The Duke" Bass
  • Kramer "The Duke" Bass
  • Kramer "The Duke" Bass
  • Kramer "The Duke" Bass
  • Kramer "The Duke" Bass
  • Kramer "The Duke" Bass

Kramer "The Duke" Bass


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When I was a 16 year-old bass player, the idea of a more affordable, Steinberger-ish bass was really intriguing. Planned on buying one, but never did. This one is super clean, like it could've been bought new not long ago. It also includes the original tweed case. We found a Vintage Guitar magazine article from 2004 that includes some interesting history on the origins of this bass. Here is an excerpt:

"According to a former Kramer employee, another model, the TL-8 eight-string bass (which had four tuning pegs on the headstock and the extra four anchored to the end of the body), was experiencing production problems, and when he happened to chop off the wood “wings” of one, he noticed the Steinberger-like silhouette with the remaining body portion and strings attached to it behind the bridge. Hacking off the headstock conjured up even more of a Steinberger-ish profile, so the first 100 or so Dukes were made from bodies intended for TL-8 basses. All Duke necks have wood inserts, but they were painted over to match the body."

WEIGHT:  7 lbs. 13 oz.    

SERIAL #:  C4009 

DATE:  1981

NUT WIDTH:  1 1/2"    

SCALE:  30.5"

COLOR:  Gloss Black

BODY/NECK/FINGERBOARD:  Walnut/ Aluminium w/ Walnut/ Phenolic Fingerboard 

PICKUPS/ELECTRONICS:   DiMarzio Humbucker/  Vol.,Tone, 3-Way Pickup Switch

CONDITION:   Very Good  


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