• Moog Taurus 3 w/ Road Case
  • Moog Taurus 3 w/ Road Case

Moog Taurus 3 w/ Road Case


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Locally owned and use only in a studio environment. It's very clean and has been kept in a road case when not in use. This was a limited run and there aren't many out there available for sale at any given time.

Considered by many to be the "Fattest Synth Ever" the Moog Taurus Bass Pedal Synthesizer is back with Version 3. Since it was introduced in 1976, the Moog Taurus has been used in a wide variety of musical genres by a veritable "who's who" of award-winning bands including: Rush, Genesis, Led Zeppelin, Asia, The Police, U2, Styx, Scorpions, Weezer, and many more.

To keep this third version as close to the tone of its famous predecessor, the Taurus Bass Pedal was built with a 100% analog sound engine based entirely on the original Taurus 1 style, and Moog is keeping it a highly sought after model by only producing a run of 1000 units. It comes with 2 voltage-controlled oscillators, an ADS Contour Generator, 1 voltage-controlled filter. The Moog synth offers 16 banks with 4 presets for a total of 48 programmable bass sounds. Bank 0 even includes the original Taurus presets”VAR, TAURUS, TUBA, and BASS. You can merge or route MIDI via DIN or USB connection, and the Arpeggiator function can be set using MIDI Sync, TAP TEMPO, or internally. Lastly it has 4 CV inputs”Volume, Filter, Pitch, and Gate.

  • 100% analog sound engine based entirely on original TAURUS I circuits
  • "Taurus I" style
  • 2 VCO oscillators
  • ADS Contour Generator
  • 1 Voltage-controlled filter
  • Output VCA
  • Presets: 16 Banks x 4 presets = 48 total Programmable bass sounds
  • BANK 0 will contains the Original Taurus I Presets: VAR, TAURUS, TUBA, BASS
  • MIDI: DIN and USB, Merging and Routing
  • Arpeggiator: MIDI Sync, TAP TEMPO, Internal

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