• Used Euphonic Audio iAmp 800 w/Rack Bag

Used Euphonic Audio iAmp 800 w/Rack Bag


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The EA iAMPs are all "Class D" amplifiers. Class D amplifiers are highly efficient and have a great power to size ratio. EA's Class D amps are so efficient in fact (85%) that the need no cooling fan (a source of noise and weight).

In the early days of the iAMP 800 we put a thermometer on one during a 4 hour bar gig. The amp was pushing a hefty load (2 2x12 cabinets). The iAMP 800 never went past 117degrees Fahrenheit. The question that you're probably asking is, "It Class D is lightweight, efficient AND powerful, why doesn't everybody make one?" There are many answers. Some companies rely heavily on tubes as a source to generate power. Perhaps the most important reason is that for very high quality sound reproduction (a hallmark of EA), Class D is hard to do right.

EA's solution to this was to compromise a bit of weight for much better sound. EA uses a toroidal power transformer as opposed to a "switching" transformer as in other Class D designs. The net difference is that the EA iAMP 800 weights 19 pounds as opposed to 10 pounds but has a full range sound that is second to none.

Amazing feature set and extensive EQ-ing. Rackmountable, rack ears removable.

This particular amp is in excellent condition having lived its life in the included 3 space rack bag.


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