About Us

At The Bass Shop, our singular focus is the bass guitar. It’s the most personal choice a bass player can make: choosing an instrument to create your voice. That voice, of course, is tone. The bass is the tool that creates the music. Amplifiers, cabinets, and effects all contribute to the overall sound, but the bass is the source of it.

There are many bass guitar specialty stores with instruments, amplifiers, cables, effects, cases, bags, strings, replacement pickups, etc…I wanted to create a store dedicated primarily to the instrument with a tight focus on the amplifiers and cabinets we sell, this is what makes The Bass Shop unique; a wide selection of used, consignment, vintage, and new basses and hand picked amps and cabs with an easy online ordering experience.

At The Bass Shop, you will find used, consignment, and vintage basses that have been carefully selected, professionally set up, and accurately described. I personally set up every bass that comes through door and I make sure it’s in perfect playing condition when it leaves the shop. So, when you buy your bass from The Bass Shop, you know you’re getting an instrument that plays perfectly and looks its absolute best from the top of the headstock to the bottom strap button.

My background: I co-founded Bass Northwest, the world’s largest bass-only retail operation, and ran it for 15 years, (1994-2009.) I also ran Bass EFX,  an online only store specializing in effect pedals for bass players, which is now under The Bass Shop site. In 35 years as a bass player, I’ve seen, heard, and played just about every bass, amp, cabinet, and effect imaginable.  

Chad Beeler

Seattle, Washington