We offer a 30 day layaway with a 25% non-refundable deposit. The balance must be paid within that 30 days or the instrument will be put back on the site for sale and your deposit becomes a store credit. If you cancel your layaway, the deposit remains as store credit. The store credit is valid for one year. Layaway purchases are final and come with no trial period. We are willing to work with you if you need a bit more time to pay for a layaway, however, this must be worked out prior putting an instrument on layaway. Many of the instruments on the site are consignments. That means they are owned by someone else with The Bass Shop acting as a broker. So all layaway policies are iron clad and serve to protect the interest of the consignor.



The Bass Shop offers a 72 hour trial period for your approval. However, all returns are subject to a 10% restocking fee, regardless of reason. You must call before returning the bass. The customer is responsible for all shipping charges.   This may sound harsh, but this serves to eliminate the “weekend rental” syndrome, minimize buyer’s remorse, and save wear and tear on instruments. It also costs us thousands of dollars a year in fees. So make absolutely sure you want what you are buying, clear it with your spouse, and know that you are buying a bass that is accurately described and professionally set up. Sometimes a bass can go out of whack, especially during summer and winter, so if there is a set up issue when you get the bass, please give us a call and we can talk you through a minimal tweak to make it perfect again. Lastly, if a purchase is made and The Bass Shop has received approval from your credit card company, it is considered a sale, regardless of whether the bass has been shipped or not. So if you decide to back out of a deal after your card has been charged, you are still subject to the 10% restocking fee. In the case of an instrument that is damaged or delivered to the customer with any defects as a result of shipping, The Bass Shop will arrange return of the bass and you will not be responsible for shipping or the restocking fee.



This is the easy part. The Bass Shop works out a sale price with you after inspecting a bass and we take 25% of the selling price once the bass is sold. So, you’ll need to send the bass to us, or if you’re in the Seattle area, pick up or drop off can be arranged. However, in many cases, a price can be worked out beforehand if you email us pictures. Your bass must have new strings on it. New means brand new. Strings put on last month or last week don’t count as new. This ensures that whoever buys your bass gets it in the best condition possible. If you don’t have easy access to strings, The Bass Shop will provide new strings, but $20.00 will be deducted from your proceeds. The Bass Shop will then professionally set up, detail, photograph, and display your bass on the site. New arrivals will always get a nod on social media and sometimes the landing page of the site. Then, we’ll work to sell your bass! Once the bass has cleared the trial period with the buyer, The Bass Shop will send you check. No scheduling, keeping tabs on the status of your bass, no calling us for updates or payment. If your bass sells, we will let you know and you will get your share as quickly as possible. It’s that simple.



We’re happy to work out trades! Give us a call and we can get things worked out. Let’s get this part out of the way first: Your trade is always going to be worth far less than selling it yourself or consigning it. It’s been that way forever and it will always be that way. Trade values vary depending on condition and overall desirability of the bass you’re trading, but it will be somewhere around 60% of what the bass can be sold for. So, for example, if your bass can sell for $1000.00 your trade value will be $600.00 toward the full selling price of the instrument for which you want to trade. If you want the full $1000.00, you need to sell it yourself on Craig’s List, eBay, etc… If your bass is in worse shape or less desirable, trade value is less. If your bass is primo and highly desirable, trade value could be more. Establishing a value is at the sole discretion of The Bass Shop, but we welcome your input. The Bass Shop reserves the right not to trade.



The Bass Shop will ship worldwide. We use Fed Ex exclusively. Customs, duty, taxes, and any other fees associated with shipping internationally, are the sole responsibility of the buyer. Your country will require payment at the time of or prior to delivery. These fees and taxes required by destination countries can be rather high and depend on the individual country. Please contact your customs office for information and potential additional charges prior to purchase so you know exactly how much your total purchase price will be.

*Basses and effects can be purchased directly off of the site and shipping will automatically be applied. However, amplifiers and cabinets vary in size and weight, so if you wish to purchase an amp or cabinet, please email us with your address or destination country and we will respond with the proper shipping costs so you won't be overcharged.

*The Bass Shop ships only to the address given and cleared by Reverb. Our Fed Ex account does not allow for re-routing to a different address by either the buyer or The Bass Shop, nor does it allow for a "Hold at Facility For Pick Up" change once a label is created. This serves as a deterrent for fraudulent orders, which unfortunately, have happened. We apologize for any inconvenience.